Best Tips to Buy Ladies Ethnic Indian Wear for 2016

Each year ushers in new trends on the fashion scenario and 2016 is no exception; whether it is online ethnic wear for girls that you wish to buy or the latest in western outfits, being updated with the latest trends will give you a definite edge. With the festive season being just around the corner, you would surely want to buy ladies ethnic Indian wear for looking your best for the upcoming traditional events and weddings.

Here are some tips to help you take the best picks while shopping in markets as well as online ethnic wear for girls:

Kurtis rock the popularity charts

If you are looking for such options in ethnic wear that combine elegance, comfort and versatility, kurtis fit the tab perfectly. At the same time, when you buy ladies ethnic Indian wear kurtis in 2016, the idea is to go beyond the conventions and experiment with the bold look. Look for unique cuts and styles which can be created by having these customized. Deep necklines, revealing back and sexy sleeve styles make good ideas to style up the otherwise simple-looking kurtis.

Fall in love with elegant gowns

The traditional Indian garments have evolved over a period of time, combining gorgeous ethnic patterns and embroideries with western cuts. The best example of fusion dresses is the traditional evening gown, which brings together the best of Indian and Western fashion. In fact party wear gowns make one of the best sellers in online ethnic wear for girls.

Get sensuous with crop blouses

In 2016, the conventional Indian blouse is passé as it has now been replaced with the sexy, belly baring crop blouses which make you look ultra-sensuous. This trend in ethnic wear for girls has been endorsed by several popular Bollywood divas, leading to these short blouses with sarees and lehangas becoming an instant rage amongst women of all ages and body types. A crop blouse combined with a churidar or palazzo pants is an innovative fusion outfit which has been spotted on the ramps this season.

Focus on your back

Whether it is a saree blouse, an anarkali suit, an evening gown or a kurti, all the focus is on sexy, designer back designs. Make sure that you fetch many envious glances this year with these sensuous designs that enhance your back.

Heavy accessories

This year, the trend is to grab all the attention with heavy jewelry and accessories to redefine your festive look. Statement necklaces, dangling earrings, nose rings, colorful bangles and voluminous waist bands… all are in vogue. Step out like a diva by teaming your online ethnic wear with some stunning accessories.

How To Find Exclusive Party Wear Dresses For Girls

If you like to be in vogue, you would not be surprised by reading that fashion has changed over the years, and today is the time of elegant traditional dresses that come with a modern touch. Today, girls like to experiment with party wear dresses and like to create a look that is suitable for that particular event. The interesting part about this trend is that although it is a popular trend among youngsters, it is also people with higher age have also started experimenting with the cut, styles, and their overall look.

Considering the popularity of the changing trends, many fashion designers have started including modern designs and styles in Indian traditional dresses, changing the way party wear dresses for girl look today. With this change in social and cultural dressing, there are a large number of formal and casual gatherings that have seen the trendy dresses worn by modern women of today. If you are among those who are thinking of buying a party wear attire, here are a few tips that will help you find an exclusive piece.


While buying a party wear dress, color plays a significant role. Hence, it is important to find a color that suits the weather as well as the time of the day. If you are going to a night party, colors such as black, red, blue, golden, silver, and brown, among others, are a perfect choice; however, for a morning or the noon event when the lights are bright and beautiful, colors like white, yellow, orange, magenta, and pink, among others are amazing. Purple and burgundy shades are perfect for both day and night events.


Before buying a dress, it is also important to consider the occasion. Is it a festival celebration or a get together? Is it wedding or an engagement party? Always make sure to purchase party wear dresses according to the occasion in order to avoid over dressing. A beautiful dress with light zari or mirror work is great for occasions such as festivals and get together, whereas wedding and engagement party requires something more stylish or with heavy work.

Apart from the above mentioned, it is also important to purchase in advance so that you do not make a decision in a rush. If you have a busy schedule or are unable to go out for shopping, shopping online can help you get exactly what you are looking to buy from the comfort of your home.

Should Short Girls Wear Long Evening Gowns?

Don’t let your height discourage you from shopping for a long gown for a special occasion. With a little bit of shopping savvy you too can take home a fabulous dress and look wonderful. Evening dresses can make you feel elegant no matter what your height. If you are asking yourself, “Am I too short to wear an evening gown?” being educated about how the dress is made will answer your question.

Selecting the Perfect Dress

Fashion changes every year but good taste and basic dress styles stay pretty much the same through the years. When a well-made dress is selected in good taste it can be worn for many years. Following trends and ignoring how you look in a garment is not a good idea for any woman. Taller woman though are able to wear many garments and accessories that a shorter woman should not consider; but a well-designed basic dress is essential in every woman’s wardrobe.

Points to consider

A short dress may be a better choice for a shorter girl to select for her outing but a long dress can be considered if the shorter woman keeps the following suggestions in mind:

* If you are having a picture taken try to stand alone or next to people that are not a lot taller than you. The comparison will accentuate your lack of height.

* Select a dress with a skirt that is straight, not puffy. The fabric of the dress you select should be silk, chiffon velvet, or satin. A sheath style dress is very flattering to many figures and can add height. Fabrics with prints or patterns, or a raised pattern, make the person wearing it appear larger around and a bit shorter. If you are short the fabric will be more flattering if it is smooth and all one color.

* A dress without a belt or sash will keep the eye from stopping at your waist. This is a rule that most girls follow regardless of their height. A belt will cut you in half and take several inches off your height.

* Select a dark color dress as opposed to white or pink. Women of any height appear thinner in darker colors. Do not select a multi color garment. If the dress is one color from head to toe, along with the smooth texture, that alone will make you appear taller.

* Look at the top of the dress. A dress with a halter top or with a deep V neckline will make a shorter person appear taller. The V neckline will lengthen the entire dress. A strapless dress is flattering and makes a person look taller also.

After you have Made Your Selection

Try the dress on while wearing the shoes you intend to wear. If you need to have the dress shortened make sure the hem is not raised above your toe. Select shoes that you can wear all evening. Removing your shoes will make the dress drag on the floor. If the dress stops at your ankle, even if this makes walking easier, the eye will stop at your shoes and make you look shorter.