High Heel Shoes Are A Girls Best Friend

Stylish and unique, that’s what women of the modern age want to be classified as. Starting from clothes to the best accessory and from hairstyles to the best footwear, everything needs to be up to the mark for the women of today. High heel shoes have been around since the ancient times though they were never meant to be such a sought after fashion symbol. Some people even linked the status of a woman upon the length of shoe’s toe. No matter how painful it might be for women to wear these shoes, it’s hard to convince them to go for some other type. They have adapted themselves to the pain and now the pain no longer exists.

Today, high heel shoes come in a variety of styles and designs and are easily available in the most common shopping malls or streets. Young designers have designed heels for almost all the occasions. You just need to have the right amount of money in your pocket to fulfill your desire. Most of the celebrities from Hollywood are often seen wearing the most elegant heels from all across the world. Be it a fashion event, an awards ceremony or a dinner with friends, these people choose to look classy and stylish with the best pair of heels on their feet. With the passage of time, most of the models and film stars have started endorsing the brands that are the leading manufacturers of the high heels and hence have been able to increase the popularity of the same.

High heel shoes are basically designed to make women look taller and at the same point of time make their figure look appealing and stunning. There are various kinds of high heels that are available in the market. Some of them are:

  1. Platform heel
  2. Stacked heel
  3. Wedge heels
  4. Spool heels
  5. Stilettos

These are the ones that are famous and most common amongst the women today. They have their own specific design and styling attached to them. With time, footwear designing has emerged as one of the leading careers in the fashion industry. Young men and women are opting for this career as it has a wide growth opportunity and advancement in the years to come.

Fashion industry is one of its kinds. New styles and designs are welcomed on a daily basis. Therefore the amount of hard work and dedication that is being put by the young designers of today towards the fashion industry, be it clothing and footwear or any other form of fashion, is shaping the fashion industry like no one could have ever predicted.

Shoes For Girls – Choose the Right One

High heels make women feel glamorous and sexy. However, it is important that they select the right pairs because when they choose the wrong ones, they will only spoil the desired effect. For this reason, it is essential for buyers to establish a number of factors in order to select the right shoes for girls.

• Determine the Heel length

Before choosing ladies fashion shoes, the buyers need to determine the length of the heel. By determining the heels, they will get rid of the chances of toppling over when walking or exposing them to pain and agony. The right length of the heel will depend on the specific buyer, and their intention. For buyers who want to look alluring and powerful, heel lengths from 3 inches and above are ideal.

• Select the right size

One mistake most buyers make is selecting the wrong size of heels, thus causing different problems not only to their feet but also their posture. When putting on these shoes, the size of the heel will push the feet forward in the shoe causing pain in case the shoes were not the right size. It is for this reason that buyers must take their time and effort to measure their feet, and then take the shoes for girls that are a size larger so that they avoid the onion bunion effect. For those buying shoes with heels between 2 and 31/2 inches, a ½ size larger is ideal; for heels between 4-6 inches, the ideal size is one size larger and for 6 1/2 inches heels the best is 1 ½ sizes larger.

• Closed Or Open

Buyers need to determine whether they want a closed or an open pair of ladies fashion shoes. They are advised to avoid the pairs that will force them to jam their foot into shoes or those that force their toes close together, as this will only lead to sausage toes. In such a case, buyers should opt for the open toe footwear because they will not experience any discomfort in their toes.

• Practice standing in them

Putting the right pair of heels will make the user’s legs look great, and in order to make the best out of the experience, buyers are encouraged to stand in them before they start walking. They are required to practice standing in the shoes for a couple of minutes daily so that the feet get accustomed to the shoes, stretching the pairs to the feet’s shape. Since walking in these pairs is an adjustment to many people- for both their feet and their whole body- buyers are advised to practice walking in them for almost 20 minutes daily especially in the evening.