Bags for High School

With the paraphernalia that is required while attending high school these days, it has become necessary for every high school student to own sturdy bags that can hold all their belongings. Fashionable students would be sure to ensure that they carry with them the most modern state-of-the-art bags. Not just modern, but practical too. The USA is flooded with a variety of bags for high school with brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Reebok to name a few.

Being in school uniform, it is only these bags that can help identify a student. A lot of thinking would therefore be required before choosing the so-called identity!

These bags for high school are available in different sizes, colors and designs to suit the taste of every modern student. There are those ‘Tote Bags’ that any girl would want to own. These ‘Tote Bags’ come in several shapes and sizes with designer prints that would attract any girl’s attention. The material used is different for each bag and each pattern is unique. Some bags have plain colors while others have prints in attractive color combinations. With so many brands to choose from it would be quite a decision when finally a bag is selected.

The Aztec bags need a special mention in that some of the bags in that range are recycled rice bags, unbelievably remodeled that it would be difficult to believe that these are recycled rice bags. It would be quite unique to own such a bag.

Students will go for bags that suit their needs. Those carrying their laptops would perhaps go for the larger size with a strap that would hold it in place around their waist. Most manufacturers keep this in mind while making these bags for high school. Whatever the type, be it Tote bags, backpacks or gym bags, every bag is designed with the student in mind These bags for high school have unique features that each bag is distinctly different from the other, at the same time user-friendly. Most of these bags for high school have more than one section with zips for easy operation and handles, either single or double with a locking device.

Boys are not left behind in that most brands including, Adidas, Nike and Reebok have bags for high school not just for girls, but specially designed bags with boys in mind mostly in shades of black or blue with intricate patterns and of course keeping in mind the needs of the male students.

Some makers of these bags have gone a step further, asking students for their own designs which could be quite exciting when the bag turns up on your doorstep with your own design.

The students could place an order for their bags online after making their selection keeping in mind their needs and the price they can afford to pay. Once the booking formality is completed, the order is normally home delivered.

These bags for high school having become a fashion statement, it would really be a tough task to make the selection, but whatever the selection, it would still be a choice that the student will not regret, as each design is unique giving an identity to the student who carries it.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a School Bag for Girls

A typical school girl is finicky about anything, including school bags. She has certain tastes and preferences that she would not give up for anything. It is this type of energy that she puts into everything and choosing a school bag is no exception. If you want to get a school backpack for a girl without any complications, these tips should come in handy.


When you want to choose a school bag for a girl, go for a bag that suits their age and posture. There is nothing more terrible than getting a bag that does tally with her age grade or fashion sense. Kids love bags that are in vogue and not what every other kid has retired or forgotten about in the basement. Go for a bag that can carry school stuff without resultant back pain.

Does it Last the School Term?

There is no point buying a school bag that would not last the school term. If you have to get a school bag ensure that it is attractive and durable. Find a bag that can accommodate a lot of space without being damaged or spoilt. Select the right size, so that your ward does not have to take an extra bag or satchel to school.

Make It Personal

Young girls love brightly colored bags. They love bags that are feminine and that they can personalize. Young females are very expressive and love bags that exhibit their true style and what they think about themselves. Ensure that the bags has plenty of space in that things like an occasional ruler or eraser can be found quickly and easily without having to remove everything inside the bag.


Girls carry loads of things on the go. But they are also great organizers. So it helps to get a backpack with plenty of pockets and compartments to arrange school and personal supplies. This backpack should have space for cell phones, iPods, drinking bottles, calculators, textbooks and writing materials.

When it comes to school bags one size does not fit all. A large backpack might put too much strain on the back. An appropriate fit ensures that the school bag is placed in the small of the back, a little below the waistline. On the other hand, a small backpack may coerce a girl to carry an extra bag because the original bag may not be able to contain too much. It also puts excessive strain on the shoulders.

School Uniform Fancy Dress – 5 Tips to Make Your Sexy School Reunion Costume Stand Out at the Party

You knew the time was coming. You have dreaded all year the day that the invitation was going to be posted through your door. The 10 year school reunion party is imminent and worse still, it is going to be fancy dress.

More often than not school reunion parties are having a costume theme to them and school uniform fancy dress seems to be the most popular of all. Ten years have passed since you last saw many of your girl friends and you are determined that you are going to outshine each and everyone of them. You are determined that your school uniform fancy dress costume is going to get everyone at the party talking.

So what do you need to do to ensure that your school uniform fancy dress outfit looks better than the costumes that all your old classmates are wearing and remind all the guys present just who was the sexiest girl in the year? In a word, you need to accessorize. Below are my 5 top accessories to make sure your school uniform fancy dress costume takes the party by storm:

Purchase a sexy costume

If you are lucky enough to still fit into your original uniform ten years on, then that is great. For the majority of you, it means either looking around for suitable skirts and cardigans, or going that extra mile and spending out on a sexy school uniform fancy dress costume.

There are a myriad of different outfits available online these days, covering all budgets and ranging from flirty to downright slutty. My advice would be to stick to the naughty but nice look. You want to look sexy, but remember you are ten years older now and you have your reputation to think about.

It is definitely worth spending some money on an outfit rather than putting together a costume yourself. After all you want to play a fantasy role at the party and above all look great.

Wear your old school tie

Try and purchase a school uniform fancy dress outfit that goes with your old school tie. Wearing your original tie is a great touch and if you have not kept any of your original ones, you can of course buy one at the stockists nearby your school.

Spend time on your hairstyle

Your hairstyle is of course always important, but you should really make the effort to play the sexy schoolgirl and put your hair up in sexy pigtails for the party. If your hair is not long enough for pigtails or if you fancy a total change of colour for the evening, then perhaps you might want to consider purchasing a wig. It is bound to surprise the guys if their favourite brunette turns up to the party as a blonde.

Make-up is so important

You probably want to wear more make up than you usually would do. Remember when you were young and wanted to make yourself look older, well have that attitude when you apply your make-up, but do not go over the top. A few freckles on the cheek, or a Marilyn Monroe beauty spot can also be a nice touch to go with your sexy schoolgirl costume.

Stockings and shoes

Of course, the ultimate accessories for the perfect sexy school girl outfit are the stockings and shoes. These occasionally come together with your schoolgirl costume, but if they do not then you want to go for white knee-high stockings and big, black shoes with a chunky heel.