Have You Heard the Hottest New Fashion Trend? Mother-Daughter Matching Clothes!

You’ve seen it on ABC’s Good Morning America, you’ve heard

that Rosie O’Donnell from The View loves it, you’ve seen it

in fashion magazines – Mothers and daughters are showing

their pride in each other like never before by hitting the

town in matching and coordinating outfits. Why is this trend

so hot right now? Here’s why:

· Mothers are ‘younger’ and daughters are ‘older’. Moms

still read the same fashion magazines as they did before

they attained Mom status. Today’s Moms are often health

conscious and fit; they look and feel young and refuse to

abide by outdated societal fashion guides to ‘dress their

age’. Bombarded with mass-marketing fashion magazines and

the fashion attention their TV icons receive, young girls

are starting to attain a fashion consciousness at an earlier

and earlier age. This brings mothers and daughters closer

together on the spectrum of fashion trends more than ever

before. The boundaries between the generations have shifted

and overlapped, rendering everyone virtually the same age in

‘fashion’ years.

· Mothers are hip, stylish…cool. Where daughters in the past

may have shied away from anything remotely similar to their

mothers, rolling their eyes and proclaiming their moms

hopelessly fashion challenged, that is not the case today.

Many daughters look to their own mothers for their sense of

fashion, mimicking their style, so that Moms and daughters

today are often wearing the same styles! Proof of this can

be found in college blogs written by girls proclaiming their

fashion compatibility with their mothers and even attaching

photos of mother and daughter in matching dresses for the

world to view. Today’s Moms dress their babies, toddlers and

primary schoolers in designer ‘mini me’ versions of their

own clothes.

· Moms and daughters shop together….and enjoy it. This

tradition is certainly not new, but where mothers might have

had to drag their daughters kicking and screaming to the

malls to shop for clothes, this is not longer the case.

Shopping for clothes with Mom is a treat, a delight, a time

to be together and bond over something both are passionate

about. Proof can be seen nearly every week in paparazzi

photos of famous Moms shopping with their daughters. Even

Madonna and her daughter engage in elaborate mother-daughter

shopping trips to Harvey Nicks and Harods to foster their

posh fashion sense.

· Mothers and daughters LIKE each other. What Mom doesn’t

secretly love it when her little girl raids her closets,

trying on her dresses, jewelry and shoes exclaiming, “I want

to be like my Mommy!” Any Mom who is bursting over with

pride for her daughter enjoys showing her off and what

better way to say “Here she is and she’s mine!” than to

dress her in a matching outfit. The increased availability

of trend-following mini-me children’s wear make it easier

than ever before to follow seasonal and fashion trends for

mother and daughter.

Tips For Mixing and Matching Ivory Dresses With Color Accents

White really is a clean canvas. While we refer to white as a color, it is actually the absence of all color, not even an undertone of color. So, white contrasts beautifully with all the colors in the rainbow, from baby-blue to jet black. If the accent color for your wedding is bright orange, then there is no problem adding orange flowers white table cloths and orange sashes to white flower girl dresses. If your accent color goes from flaming orange to ice blue, you can still coordinate with white dresses.

However, ivory, just a few shades darker than white, is a color of many colors. Ivory can have undertones in yellow, beige, gold, or peach. Ivory can be slightly champagne, very yellow, or mimic vanilla ice cream. Ivory is generally a warm color and can clash with some color palettes. So, ivory are more difficult to accessorize with accent colors than are their white sisters.

Today’s marketplace of flower girl dresses, wedding dresses, bridesmaids’ dresses, and fancy dresses in general, is full of possibilities concerning color accents. Ivory dresses are available with a rainbow of sashes, rosettes, flower attachments, and bows. Many styles allow you pick from that rainbow to accessorize your flower girl dresses and bridesmaids dresses. So, you could potentially select dresses with a poorly suited accent color. The color combinations are not always made for you. So, with freedom of color choice comes the risk of poor color choices. What if you want ivory for your flower girls? What to do then? How to match accent colors to ivory dresses tastefully?

First of all, when selecting your wedding or special event theme colors, consider carefully the color dress you are wearing (assuming you are center stage in this event, as is a bride). If ivory dresses are planned for your event, then carefully select your accent colors. If you have no idea what color wedding dress or flower girl dresses you want, but know bright turquoise is your accent color, then carefully select ivory dresses or white dresses considering also your choice of accent color.

Ivory dresses, most often, will not coordinate well with tropical or neon colors. Avoid accents in these very bright color palettes for dresses. Examples of bright, neon, or tropical colors are: turquoise, hot pink, kiwi-green, bright orange or tangerine, bright pinkish-purples and violets. While cousins to all these colors exist in more subtle palettes, these very bright colors do not accent well with ivory dresses.

Ivory dresses will always look lovely with pastel shades; traditional pinks, sage greens, baby blues and lilac colors. Ivory dresses also contrast beautifully with traditional, rich, dark colors such as black, chocolate brown, navy blue, hunter green, deep plum, and burgundy.

While most jewel tones accent ivory well, such as ruby red and emerald green, there are some jewel tones best coordinated with white and not ivory dresses. These colors can be royal purple and royal blue.

Soft metallic accents in shades of gold look lovely with ivory dress. Carefully screen silver metallic accents with ivory dresses. The steely cold of silver can conflict with the soft, warm tones of many ivory dresses.

Again, be mindful of your theme colors for weddings and special events when deciding if participating girls and ladies will dress in ivory or white with color accents. Ivory may require a little more thought concerning accent colors than white dresses. Still, dresses will bring charm and warmth to your special event or wedding. It is well worth the few considerations in matching color accents if your event is to evoke a warm, traditional, and romantic feel. Then ivory are a perfect match for your event.