Merona Jeans From Target – Inexpensive Stretch Denim Jeans For Curvy Girls

Have You Tried The Merona Fit Solutions No Gap Waist Jeans?

No matter what size is listed on your clothing tag, many curvy girls have the hardest time finding jeans that fit due to their small waists and larger hips, thighs, and butts. Up until recently you may have been out of luck trying to find jeans that actually fit women with curvy figures, but nowadays you will find more and more jeans that cater to this market. Maybe PZI Jeans really did start a trend by producing a fashion denim line solely dedicated to offering jeans for curvy girls.

If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive pair of jeans for curvy women, you’re in luck because you can find a pair at Target! Have you heard of Target’s Merona Fit Solutions brand? Known as the “No Gap Waist Jean,” these jeans retail for right around $25. Even better is the fact that they are available in your choice of dark or medium wash. You can also get them in either Petite or Regular fit (Sorry, Tall and Curvy Ladies!).

If you’re looking for a large variety of styles like skinny jeans, you won’t be able to find that from the Merona Fit Solutions No Gap Waist Jeans either. These jeans feature a classic mid rise with bootcut legs. You may also be interested to know that there’s a built-in slimming layer outfitted into the jeans as well. These jeans are probably best for casual wear – running errands, grocery shopping, picking up the kids from school, whatever it is that you do in your everyday life! These are not super stylized jeans like you can find in some of your premium denim jeans lines, but rather kinda no-frills, get-the-job done denim jeans that are designed to fit curvy figures.

You may not want to rely on finding these jeans in your neighborhood Target store because it may be hit or miss whether you are actually able to find them locally. Many curvy girls are hesitant to buy online because of previous trouble with finding jeans that actual fit, but consider this: These jeans get great reviews from women with similar shapes (just check the reviews on Target’s website), oftentimes you are able to get free shipping, AND you are able to return if you’re dissatisfied for whatever reason. Now aren’t those good reasons to at least try these recommended jeans made for curvy women’s bodies?

Green Skinny Jeans – Teenagers’ Guide to Look Trendy and Chic

No one more than a teenager is conscious about her or his looks. It is an age where all girls are in constant competition against their peers so they want to come up with more and more unique styles to appear as the most fashionable beings in their college or neighborhood. However, in this effort to look unique and different, they sometimes appear to be awkward and strange. History shows that most of the fashion trends travel from teenage girls and boys to other age group people.

Following are some of the fashion tips that can make the teenagers look decent and attractive.

Skinny Jeans

Girls with slim figures and in most cases even tall heights are best suited for skinny jeans. These jeans are called skinny jeans because they are tight and stick to your skin tightly. As the name indicates, these jeans are best to wear by tall and skinny girls, however short and skinny girls may also look good in them but average and heavy figure girls should always avoid them. Pink, white, blue, and green skinny jeans are most in fashion among young teenagers.

Boyfriend Jeans

These jeans are loose and baggy. This is how they get their name ‘boyfriend jeans’. When girls wear them, they appear to be so baggy that it seems as if they are wearing their boyfriends’ jeans. These jeans come in different colors such as dark blue, light blue and black denim. They can be worn by girls of different body shapes but most short girls should try to avoid them as they will make them appear shorter.

High heel sandals

High heel sandals should be in every teenage girl’s wardrobe. These sandals are available in different colors but most common colors to be used by teenagers are red, black, pink and white. Since you are a pretty young girl growing up to be a lady, wear a high as high as 2 to 4 inches in height.


Miniskirts can be a good choice for teenagers. During the winters, you can wear stockings underneath while during the summers you can enjoy the sun exposing your legs. However, if a girl has thunder thighs than the length of the skirt should be just an inch above the knees (nothing shorter than this).