80s Fancy Dress – Robert Palmer Girls, Smokin’ Hot From the 80s Smash Hit, "Simply Irrisistable"!

You and your girlfriends could make a very sexy entrance with this look from a cool video from the 80s era. The Robert Palmer Girls were infamous thanks to two of Robert Palmer’s hit singles, “Addicted to Love” and “Simply Irresistible”. Notably, the makeup is quite stark, and it would also make an interesting costume idea for Halloween.

So the actual Palmer Girls costume itself is very easy, and you could wear it as a singular person, or as a group of girls.

All you need is:

– Slinky, black, mini dress

– Orange satin sash fitted around the waist as a belt (Or just an orange belt)

– Black stockings

– Black heals / pumps

For the hair, comb through a gel type of product, and fix in a bun, low, at the nape of the neck. Ensure you comb your fringe back into your bun.

Now, we need to work on the make up. You will need:

– Smokey coloured eye shadow – rubbed back from the eye lid out. Use on the lower lid, and leave close to the eye with the lighter colours. Otherwise, the dark shadow will make your eyes look like they’re too close together.

– Light coloured eye shadow with white tones for the eye brow ridge, and inside eye

– Smokey / Black eye liner, to be rubbed under the eye lid, and applied as a thick line on the top lid

– Eye brow pencil or tinted eye brows, groomed

– Glossy red lipstick

– Pink blush broadly used along cheek bone and up to eye.

To see photo’s for ideas, check out this page on my 80s Fashion Fancy Dress website.

Bonus Points

Bonus points if you have a smokin’ hot attitude!

Double Bonus Points for getting a a hot guy to rock up to the party as Robert Palmer, in smart suit.

Be a real hit, and cue the Robert Palmer music on entrance, and do the in sync dance movements!

The Robert Palmer Girls image was also portrayed in Ally McBeal, with the character Billy, hiring his own crew of “Palmer Girls” to impress a client on one episode.

Shania Twain parodied the Palmer Girls, by having men become the sexy background to her 1999 hit single, “Man, I Feel Like a Woman!”

RIP Robert Palmer.

High Heel Shoes Are A Girls Best Friend

Stylish and unique, that’s what women of the modern age want to be classified as. Starting from clothes to the best accessory and from hairstyles to the best footwear, everything needs to be up to the mark for the women of today. High heel shoes have been around since the ancient times though they were never meant to be such a sought after fashion symbol. Some people even linked the status of a woman upon the length of shoe’s toe. No matter how painful it might be for women to wear these shoes, it’s hard to convince them to go for some other type. They have adapted themselves to the pain and now the pain no longer exists.

Today, high heel shoes come in a variety of styles and designs and are easily available in the most common shopping malls or streets. Young designers have designed heels for almost all the occasions. You just need to have the right amount of money in your pocket to fulfill your desire. Most of the celebrities from Hollywood are often seen wearing the most elegant heels from all across the world. Be it a fashion event, an awards ceremony or a dinner with friends, these people choose to look classy and stylish with the best pair of heels on their feet. With the passage of time, most of the models and film stars have started endorsing the brands that are the leading manufacturers of the high heels and hence have been able to increase the popularity of the same.

High heel shoes are basically designed to make women look taller and at the same point of time make their figure look appealing and stunning. There are various kinds of high heels that are available in the market. Some of them are:

  1. Platform heel
  2. Stacked heel
  3. Wedge heels
  4. Spool heels
  5. Stilettos

These are the ones that are famous and most common amongst the women today. They have their own specific design and styling attached to them. With time, footwear designing has emerged as one of the leading careers in the fashion industry. Young men and women are opting for this career as it has a wide growth opportunity and advancement in the years to come.

Fashion industry is one of its kinds. New styles and designs are welcomed on a daily basis. Therefore the amount of hard work and dedication that is being put by the young designers of today towards the fashion industry, be it clothing and footwear or any other form of fashion, is shaping the fashion industry like no one could have ever predicted.

Enhancing the Delicate Beauty of Indian Girls With Designer Dupattas

The beautiful Indian girls are appreciated all over the world for their delicate beauty. Their awesome looks, fine complexion and supple delicate skin offer them a look that turns them into beauty diva. Diverse types of Indian women wear further enhance the beauty of Indian girls. One such ethnic accessory is Dupattas. Indian dupattas made of fine transparent and delicate fabric worn over ethnic kurti or salwar kameez offers an irresistible looks. The beautiful hues and aesthetically refined patterns further adds a subtle yet string touch of glamour and elegance to the beauty of Indian girls. When we speak about colors it is simply impossible not to mention Rajasthan. The kaleidoscope of bright colors used by expert artisans of Rajasthan adds such a fine touch to the beautiful Indian girls that instantly turns them into beauty divas. While the Aari-Taari, Zardozi and mirror embroidery give a certain designer appeal the traditional method of tie and dye employed by artisans of Sanganer perfectly highlight the beauty of simplicity of Indian girl. In fact the Bandhej Dupattas of Sanganer is not only liked in India but it is also admired in other countries of the world. A slightly different variation of the Sanganeri dupatta is available in the form of Print Dupatta that is famous for its fine prints, regional motifs and beautiful patterns.

Revival of the Craft

It is also worth mentioning that this regional craft was on the verge of extinction a few decades ago due to the growing trend of western clothes, however, due to the honest efforts of reputed fashion designers Bandhani craft was revived and got a respectable place in the wardrobe of Modern girls too. Similar endeavors by Bollywood Movie Industry also played a great role in reviving this traditional Rajasthan craft. The artisans of regional attire and accessories like Dupattas also responded positively and added a modern touch to their art that made Rajasthani regional attire and accessories quite famous in Bollywood Movies. In fact the Bollywood movies of late 80’s and early 90’s are known for the widespread use of attire and accessories like Lehenga, Choli, Printed dupatta, Nose ring among other accessories. Today the regional wear of Rajasthan is famous all over the world and Sanganeri hand block print has also been awarded the GI status for their specific art.

Role of E-Commerce

The advent of E commerce has further made it easy to buy the ethnic Indian women wear online without any hassles. As a result one does not need to wedge through constricted streets, haggle with shopkeepers and bargaining till eternity. They can just switch on the laptop go through the online marketplaces and select the patterns and colors that interest them. Once they have selected their favorite dress they just need to place an order using a few clicks of mouse. What’s more, many of such sites offer huge discounts, frequent offers and various schemes that further encourage the buyers to exercise their choice without any restrictions, In order to ensure the 100% satisfaction, the online marketplaces also offer money back guarantee that enables the buyer to return the dress if they are not fully satisfied and claim their money back.