Why Do People Have Different Fashion Styles

The term fashion style simply refers to the way a particular person wears her/his clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories. It can also be determined by the types of clothing items that she/he wears in a given situation. Fashion styles may differ from one person to another because of so many reasons. It can because of a person’s age, taste, gender, budget, the situation or the environment.

To start with, a teen’s fashion style is definitely different from an adult. Teens are more prone to be influenced by magazines, famous celebrities, movies and their friends compared to adults. They also love to wear more colorful clothes and accessories which are in contrary to what adults wear. Adults prefer to wear clothing items with conventional color particularly when they are at work because such clothes are formal to look at. They also differ on their hair styles or on how they get their hairs done.

It is another fact that every person has different tastes not only when it comes to foods but also in clothes, shoes, bags, hair styles and accessories. There are people who love to wear different types of accessories like bangles, charm bracelets, necklaces and rings that match their outfits and there are those that are not brave enough to make a loud fashion statement. These people are the types that just want to keep everything simple but elegant. This simply proves that they have different fashion tastes and perceptions.

The gender of a person is another factor that sets a big difference in terms of fashion styles. It is evident that girls do not wear the clothes that boys wear. The same things apply to grown up women and men. This is basically the most obvious reason for such difference.

On the other hand, budget is another factor that contributes to the difference of people’s styles. Basically, people who have bigger budgets allocated for their fashion styles can buy the clothes that they really want while those that are on tight budgets, they can just use their initiatives and creativeness to come up with something fashionable and stylish.

The situation or the environment can also affect a person’s fashion style. Even if a person prefers a simple style, it is unavoidable that he/she has to be in events where he/she must dress up, wear crazy costumes and step out from his/her comfort zone. These events may refer to Halloween parties, masquerade balls and other gatherings. In these events, a person has to fit in the environment and dress up according to the theme of the gathering.

Being fashionable and stylish does not always mean that a person should follow the latest fashion style. Sometimes, it means that you have to be different and find the particular fashion style that fits him/her perfectly. And besides, why should a person base her/his fashion style on other people, magazines and movies when he/she can create her/his own?

Desi Girl Style: 8 Ethnic Wear You Can Wear To An Indian Wedding

No matter, how much we love our rugged denim and party wear dresses; we’re still desi belles at heart, who just loves dressing up in traditional attire! Irrespective of what the fashion trend is, ethnic wear is evergreen. From an asymmetrical kurta to a heavy Anarkali, there’s a certain effortless elegance that comes with Indian wear.

A few years back, there weren’t a whole lot of choices available to get that perfect ethnic look. But as the traditional fashion just got trendier, the world is your oyster! Asymmetrical tunics, crop tops, capes, shararas, palazzos, cigarette pants, dhotis, jackets, drapes – the silhouettes are endless! So, whatever your shape and preference, we take you through some must-have fusion look in which you can attend a string of traditional events.

  1. The Festive Anarkali

No ethnic closet can ever be complete without a heavy embroidered Anarkali! It is one Indian outfit that can be worn for any occasion like a Diwali party or a wedding. We all love them for their flattering fit and the power to make us feel oh-so-gorgeous, making it one of the must buy dresses for an Indian wedding.

  1. The Classic Banarasi Saree

Sarees have been making us look good from ages. And having a Banarasi saree in your closet can be your savior for those sudden plans like a cousin’s wedding or Diwali office party. Banarasi fabric has a princess-like charm that’s difficult to ignore and so you must also invest in one. Complement your Banarasi with an alluring back-revealing blouse and put yourself right under the spotlight.

  1. Multi-Tasking Crop tops and skirts

Forget pencil skirts this season and buy yourself a pair of a crop top and a beautiful long ethnic skirt. And with such a nice combination, the multi-tasking fashion is officially here! These are the perfect party wear for girls attending a small function.

  1. Asymmetrical Kurtas

Just like capes seamlessly took on an Indian look, asymmetrical designs moved from dresses to tunics. If you detest Anarkalis and are bored of your straight-cut suits, an asymmetrical kurta with a front cut can be a great way to liven up your closet.

  1. Trendy Capes

Capes are the hottest new trend on the block. They were brought into the spotlight as a perfect dress for Indian wedding when Shahid Kapoor’s bride, Mira Rajput, wore it for their Delhi Reception party. You can pair a cape with lehenga, dhoti pant, churidar, palazzo and even a gown.

  1. Dhoti Pants

The dhoti is back in style, giving wedding guests some fantastic designs to pick from. It may sound like a vague term, but it’s actually a nice option for anyone looking for an interesting piece to add to their wedding wear closet.

  1. Kurtas with Palazzos

Sick of pairing your favorite kurta with cliche churidars and salwars? Experiment with palazzos, one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing. Palazzos are the new member of the family of ethnic wear and can be paired with tops, crop tops, tees, etc.

  1. Ethnic Jackets

Fitted, flowing, short, long, open, closed – doesn’t matter which style of jacket you choose, they are all stylish. It is one style that can be flaunted for the romantic post-wedding date, during intermediate wedding events, as well as for the grand family dinner. Pair it with a chic cigarette pant or a lehenga for a traditional yet modern look.

Now, when you know what traditional outfits to have in your closet, it’s time to log in to an online fashion store and start shopping for the perfect party wear available for girls out there.

Have You Heard the Hottest New Fashion Trend? Mother-Daughter Matching Clothes!

You’ve seen it on ABC’s Good Morning America, you’ve heard

that Rosie O’Donnell from The View loves it, you’ve seen it

in fashion magazines – Mothers and daughters are showing

their pride in each other like never before by hitting the

town in matching and coordinating outfits. Why is this trend

so hot right now? Here’s why:

· Mothers are ‘younger’ and daughters are ‘older’. Moms

still read the same fashion magazines as they did before

they attained Mom status. Today’s Moms are often health

conscious and fit; they look and feel young and refuse to

abide by outdated societal fashion guides to ‘dress their

age’. Bombarded with mass-marketing fashion magazines and

the fashion attention their TV icons receive, young girls

are starting to attain a fashion consciousness at an earlier

and earlier age. This brings mothers and daughters closer

together on the spectrum of fashion trends more than ever

before. The boundaries between the generations have shifted

and overlapped, rendering everyone virtually the same age in

‘fashion’ years.

· Mothers are hip, stylish…cool. Where daughters in the past

may have shied away from anything remotely similar to their

mothers, rolling their eyes and proclaiming their moms

hopelessly fashion challenged, that is not the case today.

Many daughters look to their own mothers for their sense of

fashion, mimicking their style, so that Moms and daughters

today are often wearing the same styles! Proof of this can

be found in college blogs written by girls proclaiming their

fashion compatibility with their mothers and even attaching

photos of mother and daughter in matching dresses for the

world to view. Today’s Moms dress their babies, toddlers and

primary schoolers in designer ‘mini me’ versions of their

own clothes.

· Moms and daughters shop together….and enjoy it. This

tradition is certainly not new, but where mothers might have

had to drag their daughters kicking and screaming to the

malls to shop for clothes, this is not longer the case.

Shopping for clothes with Mom is a treat, a delight, a time

to be together and bond over something both are passionate

about. Proof can be seen nearly every week in paparazzi

photos of famous Moms shopping with their daughters. Even

Madonna and her daughter engage in elaborate mother-daughter

shopping trips to Harvey Nicks and Harods to foster their

posh fashion sense.

· Mothers and daughters LIKE each other. What Mom doesn’t

secretly love it when her little girl raids her closets,

trying on her dresses, jewelry and shoes exclaiming, “I want

to be like my Mommy!” Any Mom who is bursting over with

pride for her daughter enjoys showing her off and what

better way to say “Here she is and she’s mine!” than to

dress her in a matching outfit. The increased availability

of trend-following mini-me children’s wear make it easier

than ever before to follow seasonal and fashion trends for

mother and daughter.