Festival Chic for Plus Size Women – Top 5 Tips – Summer Fashion Trends

No, we’re not talking wellies at Glasto, don’t panic! We’re using Festival Chic in a fashion trend rather than a literal sense!

We’re talking about that carefree, relaxed, effortless sort of look that the glossy mags would have you believe everyone is rocking at the summer festivals. (The reality, is most are probably wearing huge sunglasses to cover 2 day old mascara and big floppy hats to hide greasy festival hair!).

That said, festival chic, or boho-chic, or hippy chick style, or boheme style depending on what era’s fashion magazines you’re reading, is a perennial favourite for a reason. It’s easily achievable, perfect for summer, and ultimately, it looks great and it works really well for girls needing plus size clothing.

And, it’s for everyone. Even if you have no desire to stand in a field or queue for a questionable port-a-loo, you can definitely still indulge in a spot of festival fashion – even if your idea of outdoorsy is just a barbeque in the comfort of your own back garden!

So, here are our top tips to inject a little festival style into your wardrobe.

Plus Size Clothing Festival Chic Tip 1

Layers are Lovely: Think pretty summer dress with a cute vest peeking out underneath, perhaps a vintage denim waistcoat on top? (We love this one: Or, try layering two contrasting vest tops together with your favourite designer jeans (if you are a plus size try stretch jeans which have elastane woven in, usually about 2% of the fabric mix, perfect for girls with curves, very comfortable to wear and you’ll look fabulous!) – mix and match to your heart’s content.

Plus Size Dresses for Summer: Tip 2

Floral prints are your friend: Floral summer dresses are all over the high street right now, in all sorts of styles to suit everyone including plus size girls. Find one you love and have fun accessorising it dozens of different ways. Alternatively, spruce up plain outfits with delicate floral scarves, either loosely draped around your neck, or used as head scarves for real hippy style. Artificial flowers are in to – the bigger the better, in all the colours of the rainbow, clip them in your hair, on your jacket, on your bag, on your belt, let your imagination go wild!

Festival Foot Wear: Tip 3

Espadrilles are excellent: Espadrille’s are like a more grown up wedge, and they’re very now. As luck would have it, they’re also very comfy, so definitely worth investing in to wear with your festival inspired finds. They look best with shorter styles though – so if you’re happier in a midi/maxi style summer dress, you’re better off choosing some strappy wedges instead. But be wary of the weather, if it is going to be a muddy festival you either need to be prepared to throw away those espadrilles after the festival!

Vintage Style Summer Dresses: Tip 4

Vintage is in vogue: The reason most Boho-Babes look so individual, is because they really are – they spend hours scouring charity shops and vintage fairs for all the quirky elements to their perfect ensemble. If you don’t have time for that, don’t worry – a few carefully chosen new pieces can easily work together to create a vintage inspired illusion. A belt with an antique style buckle would look fabulous nipping in the waist of a floaty summer dress. Or a stretch denim waistcoat would work brilliantly over those layered vests to add a vintage looking twist.

Access(ories) All Areas: Tip 5

Accessories can make or break a festival inspired look. Take a simple sleeveless Plus Size Dress – it’s pretty, yes, but it’s not festival chic. Yet. Add a 60’s inspired floppy hat, some massive sunglasses, a string or two (or three) of beaded beauties, a funky belt (we recommend tan), a stack of boho bangles, and voila – true Glasto-style Glamour.

The most important key to the trend, is to make it your own. It’s all about being relaxed, comfortable in your own skin, and rocking your own style – whether that’s in a field into the wee small hours, or in your garden listening to your iPod!

So embrace your inner Festival Fashionista, strut your plus size style & have a fantastic summer!

Green Skinny Jeans – Teenagers’ Guide to Look Trendy and Chic

No one more than a teenager is conscious about her or his looks. It is an age where all girls are in constant competition against their peers so they want to come up with more and more unique styles to appear as the most fashionable beings in their college or neighborhood. However, in this effort to look unique and different, they sometimes appear to be awkward and strange. History shows that most of the fashion trends travel from teenage girls and boys to other age group people.

Following are some of the fashion tips that can make the teenagers look decent and attractive.

Skinny Jeans

Girls with slim figures and in most cases even tall heights are best suited for skinny jeans. These jeans are called skinny jeans because they are tight and stick to your skin tightly. As the name indicates, these jeans are best to wear by tall and skinny girls, however short and skinny girls may also look good in them but average and heavy figure girls should always avoid them. Pink, white, blue, and green skinny jeans are most in fashion among young teenagers.

Boyfriend Jeans

These jeans are loose and baggy. This is how they get their name ‘boyfriend jeans’. When girls wear them, they appear to be so baggy that it seems as if they are wearing their boyfriends’ jeans. These jeans come in different colors such as dark blue, light blue and black denim. They can be worn by girls of different body shapes but most short girls should try to avoid them as they will make them appear shorter.

High heel sandals

High heel sandals should be in every teenage girl’s wardrobe. These sandals are available in different colors but most common colors to be used by teenagers are red, black, pink and white. Since you are a pretty young girl growing up to be a lady, wear a high as high as 2 to 4 inches in height.


Miniskirts can be a good choice for teenagers. During the winters, you can wear stockings underneath while during the summers you can enjoy the sun exposing your legs. However, if a girl has thunder thighs than the length of the skirt should be just an inch above the knees (nothing shorter than this).